Friday, August 26, 2011

self-publishing tip #1

Do not check your sales compulsively. Before you know it you're at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, All Romance, etc. etc. signing in over and over, talking to the screen, YOU MORON, cursing at it, or cheering if you're lucky - and for what? This I promise: it's not making your sales go up any. Really. Stop. Okay? I'm trying to help.


  1. So true! I used to check Smashwords compulsively, now it's Amazon Kindle Direct (because they don't notify).

    Don't all of us do this? :)


  2. You're right, I'm sure - we all do it. Compulsive is the perfect word for it. Maybe I'll take up smoking instead (!)

  3. Hi there! I've tried several times to get in and welcome your new blog but Blogger hates me *sigh*. Maybe this'll work. Great post - especially as I just came over from browsing the self-publish FAQs at Amazon LOL.

    Anyway, hi! x
    from Clare, because Blogger just hates to let me log on from a profile.

  4. Clare, look at all the effort you made:) *Hugs you*

    I will be listing more tips, aka traumas people that self-publish cannot avoid/look forward to, ha.