Tuesday, September 6, 2011

edits editedit

I'm not writing, I'm editing. And editing some more.

I never realized I had so many things sitting around unfinished or as a rough draft. Which is good in a way, because I come back to it cold and can then see the flaws. Which can be enormous. But coming back to it cold isn't always great, like I've leeched my enthusiasm from the project. That happened with Neon Moon and Vampire's Boy, but I built enthusiasm back for both projects as I worked on them.

Talking to C - she said she found nearly 30 projects going on in tv and film for Frankenstein. So the revival is the next Big Thing? Maybe I should write that Frankenstein/Monster story sooner rather than later.


  1. This is really encouraging for me at the moment, because I'm revisiting a pile of abandoned WIPs, and wondering if I left them because I didn't have writing time or if the reality was I was bored :(.

    I'm actually writing one of them right now (it's lunchtime, Boss! *g*) so hopefully I'll build enthusaism again, like you say. Or at the very least, it'll weed out the real dregs from the potential :):).

  2. I've found it takes some real focus and work (and reworking) on the old stuff before the "happy" started coming back again, but it did (and it alternated with the usual doubt/confusion/sometimes apathy - not saying that didn't happen). But I'm very fond of both stories now, and I feel like I made them much tighter and better - and I'm planning that sequel to one:)

    Aand on a personal note: apparently I'm being discussed in an old fandom of mine - how I'm "dark" and sometimes "difficult to read" - same old song for me, huh?