Thursday, March 28, 2013

names and other

The other day I realized a pretty extensive character list had been added to the listing for The Vampire's Boy on Shelfari. I'm terrible at remembering names. As I was looking at it, for a couple of them I thought, "Who the hell was that?" Took me a moment. I put more thought into the main character names, but for many of the minors, the names come after I've planned them with no real significance attached.

I was happy to see Bernie (the neighbor's dog) and Malvoline listed (Jared's cat). I love them.

Work on Rising Wolf continues, slow but steady, and I am satisfied with it thus far. I figure I'm about 20% of the way through it. Mal's monthly transformation is causing changes in him that influence the rest of his behavior during the month. The interesting part to me is that Zach handles it better than Mal.

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  1. LOL this reminded me - I just found a chapter plan of my current WIP with "red+marie" against chapter 12. Now Red's one of my MCs but ... Marie? Who's she??

    I'm still trying to remember ... :P