Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Queried at ForbiddenFiction

I sent a query for "The Band Plays On,"  a short m/m story. It doesn't end well, but it's quirky and hopefully kind of weirdly touching. It's really the only place I'd think of submitting it. It pushes some boundaries (I think).

To quote the site: ForbiddenFiction is a publisher devoted to writing that breaks the boundaries of original erotic fiction. We aim to provide stories which combine intense sexuality with quality writing and dark themes. Many of the novels and stories we publish would be refused by other publishers because it breaks with convention for aspects such as BDSM, violence, non-consent or age variation. We do not have any content type that is forbidden. If it's a well written erotic story, we'll consider it. In fact, if it violates taboos in some fashion, we are more likely to publish it.

It felt good to send out a query. Now that I've done it, I need to forget about it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

new writing ideas


Western, ghost in the desert (it's nothing new, talking to a guy you don't realize is dead, but I like it - and maybe there'd be more than talk).

Banquet/Ballad of Chestnuts - Borgia orgy
not quite sure what I'd do with it

Disclaimer: my ideas can languish for years.  I pick up quite a few of them, eventually. And I have a pal who likes to help me come up with them (hi, #2;)

naked snakes, oh my

I'd credit if I could, believe me, but all I have is a link to tumblr.

Friday, August 26, 2011

self-publishing tip #1

Do not check your sales compulsively. Before you know it you're at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, All Romance, etc. etc. signing in over and over, talking to the screen, YOU MORON, cursing at it, or cheering if you're lucky - and for what? This I promise: it's not making your sales go up any. Really. Stop. Okay? I'm trying to help.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

hi - just trying out the new blog:)

Sent out a couple of books just now to winners over at Goodreads who were busy last weekend celebrating the m/m romance group over there.

Had some friends in surrounding states who felt the quake in Virginia today - I know people from the western US are finding it hard to understand the dust-up here in the eastern part of the country, but the infrequency of quakes here makes all the difference, esp. in terms of preparedness. It reminds me of when we run out of salt for the roads in the South over the winter - it doesn't often happen, and we're not prepared when we do get lots of ice and snow.

But when I lived in Jersey it was a whole other operation in terms of how they dealt with icy, freezing conditions.

Hm, off track - from earthquakes to winter weather!