Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An explanation, and continuing efforts

I need to talk about the fact that I've not met my announced and intended goal of getting Rising Wolf out this year. It's not that I've stopped working on it. It's that my health has declined. I admit I'm floored by the personal limitations and my own poor adjustment to the changes. I'm finding these limitations and consequences when I try to ignore these limitations very difficult. I am struggling with this and with other personal issues, and have been for quite some time.

I hate writing this, and I hate admitting defeat in terms of meeting a goal. I want to offer my apologies if I've disappointed anyone. I hope that in the end I make it worth the wait.

I'd like to focus on the positive. The fact that Rising Wolf seems to have turned into a full-blown novel is one of those positives.

Novels are their own animal, aren't they? They have a different pace, more threads in the tapestry so to speak, a more deeply realized world within the story.  It's fascinating and challenging to weave it into a strong, cohesive piece.

I've not forgotten the people who love Mal and Zach and want to see more of them. There IS more of them, I promise you that. I will share them with you as soon as I can. All other projects are on hold while I finish their story. I am not stopping the work. I am focused on getting it done.

Looking into the lives of Mal and Zach the way I have been, expanding on their pasts, their families ... writing about how hard they fight to stay together, I'm not completely sure that this novel is the end of their story. Time will tell.

To those of you who love these guys as a couple and want them to be together, I'll tell you this: so do I. And so do they.

(Read the first chapter of Rising Wolf)