Tuesday, November 15, 2011

book cover contest

hey everybody, I subbed Sonja's pretty book cover for THE VAMPIRE'S BOY,in the November book cover contest at alternative-read.com - come look and vote if you're interested and/or curious:)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Say hello to Alice the alley cat - the girls and I found her last Wednesday on a walk behind the local high school, literally in an alleyway. As you can see, her ear appears to be ruined, but we'll see how it responds to treatment. She's emaciated and weak, 5.7 lbs., hugely friendly. We came back on Thursday to get her but it was raining and she was nowhere to be found. Went again Friday around 3:30 after I was out of work and found her. We put her in the cat carrier and took her straight to the vet. She's clear of feline leukemia and other worrisome diseases, since I have other animals and couldn't have her around them until she was cleared. She has a bacterial infection of the ear. She sleeps a lot and eats and knows how to use a litter pan. She's so friendly that she's had to be a pet at one time.